House Mouse – Blog Entry #2

I wake from a late afternoon dream. Drowsily, I slide out of bed and make myself a piping cup of hot chocolate. I was dreaming of rooms full of people celebrating the holidays. I look out the window at the snowy landscape and I think to myself that it is a superb time to go sightseeing. I love staring at the lights and decorations set up around the holidays. As it starts to get dark it would be great to take a stroll around my neighborhood, and see if there is a place for me to sneak in and join some festivities. IT WOULD BE PARTY TIME!!! I hope I can find a huge banquet with wonderful foods and desserts.

Sounds like a plan I say to myself. I dress warmly, throwing on a scarf, hat and mittens, knowing the winter weather. BBBBRRRRR!!!! I scurry out of the studio, down the stairs and outside. The first thing that I see are the bright lights of Ula Cafe. I hurry on my way past the treats displayed on the counter. I am in search of the perfectly decked out house. As I round a corner, a triple decker apartment with wreaths and candles in every window is covered in lights. I see people walking in the front door and it seems a party has begun. I scurry in the door unnoticed with a group of guests.

There is a fire in the fireplace, tables filled with food, adults laughing, and children opening gifts and playing games. Quietly creeping I snatch some cookies and punch inconspicuously. With my treats, I scamper onto the mantle over the fire and find a spot to watch the fun. Let the party begin!

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