House Mouse – Blog Entry #1


I awake to lightly-flowing music. I look out of my peephole and see girls and boys of all ages warming up and stretching at the barre. The music sounds again, all of the dancers respond, moving their legs in time to the beat. Tondu, tondu, tondu, pique, pique. I observe as the dancers all turn in unison, some of the younger ones look unsure of what to do. It’s an unusual time for a dance class. Then, I remember… ohh!, the Nutcracker auditions are today.


I imagine that the dancers cherish this day. I bet they are both excited and nervous. What happens today will decide their entire winter schedule and whether they get the roles they wish for. It is lovely to see the younger ones trying a new experience. [/su_column]

[su_column] What they don’t know yet is that the Chinese and Rox Riff kids always rocked the stage, getting the most applause. What a big step in their lives! I hope they all get a good part. I scurry back inside to get dressed.

When I came out again warm ups have ended and the younger children have disappeared. I notice that the older group is now dancing. As I peer closer I realize that they are doing Clarice’s dance. It’s my favorite! I tap my paw in time to the music and hum along. I notice the familiar teachers are there judging the kids! I remember them from their roles last year as the Snow Queen, the Sugar Plum Fairy, the guests at the magical party scene and Drosselmeyer.

The auditions fly by and before long it is dark out. I jump down from the barre I perched on for a better view and go back to my cozy hole. In a few days the dancers will know their roles for this year. I can’t wait to find out who is the Sugar Plum Fairy and, of course, Clarice. The dances still replaying in my mind as I crawl into my matchbox bed. As I drift off to sleep, I dream of pointe shoes, falling snow, Christmas magic and prima ballerinas.[/su_column]


The Urban Nutcracker House Mouse is played by Sarah who is 11-years old. 


House Mouse – Blog Entry #1

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    1. So beautifully written, Ms. house mouse, I felt as if I were there with you as you brought the audition alive.
      I hope you will share more.

  1. I really enjoyed your post Sarah! So well written. Give my regards to the House Mouse. Looking forward to seeing you all in December!

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