Access is the foundation stone of the Urban Nutcracker.

Dancers from the Tony Williams Dance Center receive an incredible performance opportunity. These dancers represent the diverse communities of Boston and some have enjoyed scholarships, which gives great access to a high level arts education. An arts education goes way beyond arts instruction. With an arts education, young people are afforded the opportunity to connect with each other to deconstruct a piece of art. This requires a great deal of empathy and an appreciation of the different backgrounds we all come from. From this, progressive youth leadership emerges.

Especially with last year’s intermission in the year of COVID-19, it is exceptionally important to keep the arts alive.

We rely on donations to fund our teen programs as it is a grossly underfunded area of the arts.  The Urban Nutcracker is an unprecedented production in that it is rare to see a community organization the size of the Tony Williams Dance Center put on a multi-show run of such scale in a downtown venue.

We have a wish list.  Can you help us fulfill it?

  • New Sugar Plum Tutu $750
  • New Snow Tunic for Snow King $450
  • Opera Gloves for Flowers: $100
  • Tights for Russian Dancing Women: $75
  • Wigs for Ducks: $20 each (need 11)
  • Hotel lodging for out of town guest dancers
  • Frequent flyer miles
  • Gas money or cards for adult and out of town dancers
  • Personal housing for out of town guest dancers from the New England area

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