School Matinees

Unfortunately we are unable to hold our show live this year.

Therefore, we are unable to hold any school matinee shows.

Please keep updated for next year!

**please note that the school matinees are different from the group ticket program.
To book tickets for the school matinee performances, please follow the steps below**
School Show Dates are:

Thursday, December 19 at 11am

Order your tickets immediately for guaranteed seating!

For years the Urban Nutcracker has entertained school kids from the Boston area, allowing them to celebrate the holiday season while embracing multicultural Boston.  Not only do young people get to experience dance excellence on stage but they get to enjoy the blending of classical and emerging dance forms that represents the changing face of Boston. And the future of Boston. The future looks good (and dances superbly!)

If you wish to purchase discounted tickets for your school group:

  • Download the form here: 2019 UN School Matinee Sales Form
  • Fill it out
  • Mail it in to Tony Williams Dance Center,284 Amory Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, Attn: School Matinees. Please makecheck payable to: Tony Williams Dance Center, LLC.
    DEADLINE: All reservations and payments must be made by Friday, November 1, 2019

Feel free to distribute this 2019 UN School Matinee Alert Notice from our staff.

Questions?   Dustin Rennells:

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Por años el Urban Nutcracker ha entrenado escolares del área de Boston, permitiéndolos a celebrar las fiestas mientras abrazando la cultura heterogénea de Boston. Los jóvenes no solamente tienen la oportunidad para experimentar excelencia en el baile en escena, pero además tienen la oportunidad para disfrutar la mezcla de formas clásicas y emergentes de danza que representa la cara cambiante de Boston, y el futuro de Boston. El futuro mira bien (¡y baile estupendamente!)


Dustin Rennells: