House Mouse Blog Entry #3

Urban Nutcracker House Mouse Blog
By Francesca Keeley 10 years old, TWDC Youth ensemble member
Hello it’s me again! I am sleepy in a costume mouse hat it is very comfortable, I am curled up in the earpiece.  Some people pick up the hat and I fall out and scamper through the open studio door and hide timidly under the piano.  I hear them call “Mouse Picnic to the Studio”, then again “Mouse Picnic to the Studio”.  In my head I think, just in time!  In come the dancers, wow this is a lot of people! I see the dancers talking quietly, then they talk louder and louder, like old friends who haven’t seen each other in long time!   The ballet mistress stands up and claps her hand and tells them to go the bar.   In my head I think “there’s going to be drinks and a bar at this picnic too?”   I sit back and relax under the piano, I see all the dancers line up.   The dancers, some kids and some adults go to the up to barre (now I realize it is something to hang onto while dancing)!   They move their legs at the same time, pointing toes as they push their legs out.  Some have pointy toe shoes, others have ballet flats on, but some have no shoes at all!
_DSC5300 copy
After a while the dancers come to the center of the room.   Someone calls for the cheese and the picnic blanket!  Finally! I am so hungry!  I see the cheese, but it’s much bigger than I expected!  The dancers are in the center tugging on it.  I am watching them dance around it waiting for my chance to get closer to the cheese.   I finally see them run and leap off to the side with the cheese.  They set it down on a blanket.  No one is looking at the cheese, they are watching the girls dance on their toes fighting the rats.  The pointe soldiers are circling around, everyone is dancing in a frenzy, and no one is watching the cheese.   I see my chance!  I run over and sink my teeth into it.  I take a big bite….but Ewww!   Yuck!   It’s not like any cheese I know!   It’s made out of foam!  Silly me!  Now I realize it must be a prop for the dancers, it must be Urban Nutcracker time again!!!!!!!
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House Mouse Blog Entry #3