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House Mouse Blog Entry #5

House Mouse Blog Entry #5

House Mouse Entry 11/30/2019. Once upon a time, I was waiting for the big mouse to tell me and the blanket mouse that the coast was clear for our picnic.  We were crouched down in the darkness waiting on wings of the stage.  The coast was clear so we went onto the stage and began
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House Mouse Blog #4 (A rat’s life)

In the tradition of our House Mouse Blog, we’ve invited one of our “rat dancers” to talk about what it’s like to perform on stage.  Ella Moye-Gibbons has danced in the Urban Nutcracker for many years.  She gives her account of her time rehearsing and dancing below. There’s something specifically thrilling about performing.     First
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House Mouse Blog Entry #3

Urban Nutcracker House Mouse Blog By Francesca Keeley 10 years old, TWDC Youth ensemble member Hello it’s me again! I am sleepy in a costume mouse hat it is very comfortable, I am curled up in the earpiece.  Some people pick up the hat and I fall out and scamper through the open studio door
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House Mouse – Blog Entry #2

I wake from a late afternoon dream. Drowsily, I slide out of bed and make myself a piping cup of hot chocolate. I was dreaming of rooms full of people celebrating the holidays. I look out the window at the snowy landscape and I think to myself that it is a superb time to go
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House Mouse – Blog Entry #1

The Urban Nutcracker House Mouse is played by Sarah who is 11-years old.